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Today at work came an order for a print on a mug, client asking to print “1488” on it. So I sent him back this.


Wow, notes to this post are a wild ride. But, to clarify few things: 1) yes, he is a nazi. He literally used cropped out banner from a neo nazi site as a referance for the way he wanted numbers to look. Quick google search led me directly to the page he took the picture from 2) he took his order (which he was paying for after reciving the mug, not paying for it beforehead), which I’m honestly going to believe happened due him freaking out and not having guts to complaing and demend changing it 3) nope, I did not get fired. I do shit ton of work here, both majority of photo editing and souvenir production, so no one will be giving me shit for one “mistake” 4) yes, I could’ve just refused making his order and didn’t do anything at all. But, firstly, fuck nazis, and if he got pissed off when he first saw his new pretty mug I’m glad, either way, he paid for it, so there’s no loss for our company. And, secondary, he made the order literally few days prior Voctory Day, which is one of the most important holidays in Russia and if you don’t see the issue in it… Yikes?
Also for these going on about “unprofessional thing to do, should’ve served them no matter the misguided beliefs :\”, go fuck yourself maybe :\

You fucking GO GIRL

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